Domain Registration

Finding a domain name can be daunting. Let us help you choose from an extensive pool, with several extensions and within your budget.


  • Easy Domain Setup
  • No Technical Skills required
  • Domain Privacy Protection at an added cost
  • Advanced DNS Controls
  • Multi-Year Registration
  • Domain Locking & Forwarding
  • Free round the clock support



  • How do I find a domain name?

Finding a domain name is as easy as giving us a call! Our team will assist you with the most economical solutions across all platforms.

  • Can I receive assistance to find a domain?

Without a doubt, the Core Techno team is here to help you with our inputs and suitable alternatives to your domain name.

  • Is there a limit the length of my domain name?

Conventionally, a domain name should be between 1 to 63 characters. Besides, your domain name should be a reflection of your brand and it’s beliefs. To help you with that, our team can provide you with valuable suggestions.

Hosting Solution

What is hosting?

On a server (publicly accessible device) a website is stored or hosted. Depending on the website, some may take up an entire server, or share a server with hundreds of other websites. This space taken up by the website, and the accompanying elements are comprised in your hosting plan.

We at Core Techno have a wide range of hosting services which includes:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting

Which hosting plan is best for you?


Shared hosting aka web hosting is the most economical hosting type. Since several websites are sharing the server, like a shared housing, the cost is divided amongst all. However, you have less control over this, and fewer options to choose from.

More power to you

Like an independent living space, the server is yours when you opt for Virtual Private Servers (VPS) or Business Hosting. In these, a fixed part of the server is reserved for your website only.

Maximum power to you

With Dedicated Server Hosting, you are in a mansion. You have unlimited space and resources which come at a premium price. Depending on your preference, you can opt for either full root access or managed plans.


Email and Office

With your personalised mailbox, we help you give off a professional vibe to your email. Potential clients can contact you easily, and our specialised custom mailbox solutions ensure that your business leaves a lasting impression in the virtual world.

If you are considering opening a new email account for your business, Core Techno’s offers will suit you perfectly. With excellent storage, powerful spam protection and a friendly UI, we give you a smooth user experience for your personalised email.

As much as it sounds too good to be true, our mail service offers the ability to process over 12 million emails daily, excluding spam!

Easy email backup

With our services, you can always rely on your email backup in case you accidentally delete mails or an attachment important to you.

Advanced Security

Core Techno ensures that your business email is protected from any suspicious online presence and only trusted individuals can access your confidential information. This keeps you, your business and your clients safe at all times.


Web Security

We know that safety is foremost for any online business. In the wild web world, our powerful and affordable safety solutions will keep you secure at all times.

Our complete security services are around to ensure that none of your precious data is lost, and all your hard work remains protected. We understand that your website is your brand, your virtual identity and your gateway to people across the world. That is why it deserves the highest level of protection- one with an SSL certificate, website backup and security. This way, we can help you stay safe in today’s wild virtual world.

  1. Encrypt with an SSL Certificate
  2. Protect with Website Security
  3. Archive with Website Backup

Not just your business, we keep all your customers safe too. Browsers warn users from visiting websites that do not have an SSL certificate, with messages such as “this connection is not secure”. We prevent any of your potential clients from having to get such a message and lose their faith in your website even before seeing your potential. We want you to earn your client’s trust just as we have earned yours.

We provide:

  1. SSL Certificates (self managed)
  2. Managed SSL Service

With an SSL certificate, you are contributing to the overall well-being and safety of the internet in one way.


Business Presentation

Keeping your business requires keeping your clients engaged and presenting them with content that they will love. With a fresh perspective, unique ideas and engaging content for your audience, we will help you weave the best version of your story that us honest, authentic and innovative.