Static Website Development

At Core Techno, our talented website designers believe that websites, like people, have personalities. A great website has the power to inspire and empower. Therefore, we design websites like we would want our people to be- truthful, honest, and easy to understand.

Our user-friendly, intriguing, and optimised websites are backed by in-depth UX research. We combine your needs with our expertise to develop the most aesthetically appealing and functionally forward websites that give you an edge in the market. We know that websites are the virtual representations of real-world entities, and hence we develop websites that help you transform your business. The amalgamation of maintaining simplicity and yet thinking outside the box results in a website that adds greatly to your business standing and lends a unique virtual identity to your business.

Do you need static website designing?

One of the most basic website formats, static websites do not offer an interactive interface or content management systems. These simple websites are ideal for small and medium businesses looking for quick, appealing, and standardised solutions that are not very content dynamic. If your demands do not involve frequent additions, deletions or modifications, static websites are apt for you. However, with some coding knowledge, or help from our friendly website design experts, you will get the required tools needed to make changes in a static website.

Dynamic Website Development

We love to breathe life into your web pages by keeping things fresh through dynamic website development. This database driven format promotes flexibility and gives versatility to your work. Our designers work with your requirements to formulate a modifiable functional website on which content, images and information can be easily added, edited, and deleted.

Through our dynamic website solutions, we create unique options for companies who want to promote some or all of their products and services. Our diverse range of available resources empower you with limitless growth and opportunities for success. We ensure that we create a memorable browsing experience for your customers, to increase your professional reach and form a lifelong consumer base.

E-Commerce Website Development

Our team members believe that building an online business requires more than just a website. With this philosophy, we work with easy to look at clean designs and a seamless user experience right from the home page to the shopping cart of your website. Our work is guided by extensive market research and a thorough understanding of the business’ immediate and long-term goals. We take pride in guiding our clients towards building, promoting, and running a flourishing business.

Our philosophy for e-commerce is that for a business to achieve its goals, its visitors must achieve theirs.  Our customised e-commerce solutions are just like your online store- truly unique. To address your specific business requirements, our web designing services are customised and coded to best meet your functional as well as aesthetic needs. To help your online business flourish, we take care of the smallest elements that will make or break your ecommerce portal. Backend uploads, consolidation with payment gateways, promotions, customisations- we have you covered. We can assure you that we build your e-commerce websites to garner trust and engage with your target audience- let us help you motivate your visitors to buy from you today!

WordPress Website Development

The WordPress web design process begins by understanding your expectations and goals from the site through an elaborate briefing session. This gives us information about the functionality and the role of the site within the scope of your business.

This briefing forms the basis for our research and strategy development. Following this, we can formulate the best design ideas, other aesthetic elements, and any other features to bring your site to life.

Powerful content management features

Our experts understand that you may have to incorporate frequent hassle-free changes to your site. Our WordPress design team will carry out the initial set up of your site in a manner which allows you to accommodate these changes even without solid technical know-how. Our rich experience in this sector empowers us to deliver completely customisable websites while maintaining the highest standards of quality and user experience.

Your security is our priority

When you are working with us, the security of your website is our topmost priority. With frequent WordPress updates required to ensure this, we guarantee you of complete maintenance and safety of your site while you focus on the growth of your business. As these updates require more than just the click of a button, this will also save you the cost of expensive WordPress developers.

Performance above par

Our WordPress experts are aware that website development is a complex, overwhelming procedure. Before hand-over, our team thoroughly inspects the website to ensure that everything appears, and functions as planned. Subsequently, we provide extensive training to acquire you with the expertise for your WordPress website back-end. As always, we are available round the clock for any other issue that you might have!

Website Re-Designing

We understand the importance of first impressions. But we also recognise the need to remain afloat with the latest trends, and to ensure that your website is always a reflection of your expanding business. For spectacular and lasting impressions, we are here to help you with our website redesigning services that will ensure you never have an outdated design or format.

For B2B or B2C investors, a cumbersome website is a deal-breaker, and can also lead to reduced traffic. To resolve all such issues, a design overhaul from our team will always keep your site performance top-notch.

Core Techno experts will give your website a makeover that will reflect the core principles of your business, and impress consumers at the first glance. Our brand strategist develops aesthetic and user-friendly sites that will re-enforce your brand strategy and boost your business. The core of this process lies in our unique approach of understanding your design goals and business needs, which we keep at the forefront of all our work.


Website Maintenance Contract

We recognise that today business ideas should be more fluid and adaptable than ever before. To cater to the diminishing attention spans, dynamic consumer behaviour, and ever-evolving technological platforms, a business must be in line with the latest trends which reflect in its web presence. Periodic changes, updating, and re-designing are fundamental to our website maintenance process.

By optimizing content, updating information, uploading pictures, graphics, blogs and relevant contact information, your business can remain at the forefront. Our committed website maintenance staff will relieve you of this time-consuming task, as you focus on making your business flourish.