Online / Desktop Software

At Core Techno we understand all the challenges and minute details of corporate software development, and we source the right talent to deliver the best solutions to you. Our skilled developers take on the mammoth task of coding using their expertise, experience, and professional acumen. They meet all your requirements by applying suitable software engineering techniques and methods.

Our philosophy recognises the relevance of combining experience, skills, and disciplines to initiate an idea and transform it into a deliverable. Without being prescriptive, our team works with you to understand your unique vision, strengths, weaknesses, and quirks to bring together a high performing, efficient and successful collaborative effort.

Our software development services help multiple organisations in multiple industries to enhance their existing applications, create a new system, or carry out system integration of diverse and legacy software. Our focus lies in optimal utilization of resources and higher productivity.


At Core Techno, we are inspired to build trust at every step. Working with our clients, we ensure that all communication and professional action is clearly conveyed and kept transparent.

Cost Effectiveness

Our staff works with technical proficiency to develop software for you at a reasonable price without comprising on other elements.

Results Oriented

All are developers bring with them vast experience and an in-depth knowledge which is utilised to generate the best results. This has led us to be trusted partners for esteemed organisations.

Effective Solutions

We continuously strive to develop unique solutions that will contribute to the eventual success of our valued clients. All our clients benefit greatly from the short-release development cycle.


Some of our excellent services include:

  • Professional consultation
  • Data collection and information analysis
  • Architecture and Solution development
  • Project management
  • Software development
  • Implementation and integration of solutions
  • Hosting and operation in line with service agreement
  • Training and support


How we work:

  • On a confidential basis, we receive your project ideas to generate an appropriate quotation.
  • With a base price, we then present the proposal for an agreement for development.
  • By beginning with User Stories gathering, we will simultaneously create a software requirement specification based on the User Stories with the required details for our programmers.
  • As we start programming, we are ready to contribute towards the success of your business with software customised especially for you.

Mobile Application

Our expert team of mobile application developers at Core Techno work with our website development team to deliver a personalised, advanced, and highly efficient mobile application to our clients. Our graphic design team gives you the best design experience with advanced elements which surpass industry standards and increase engagement multi-fold. This helps to convert a user into a customer.

Our developers regard the commanding presence of Android mobile applications and their importance in attracting users. To meet this, we develop the most versatile, cost effective and result oriented Android mobile applications. We also maintain versatility in different platforms and combinations to form hybrid applications. Through our cost-effective solutions, we promise high returns at minimal costs, with a user-friendly experience for each visitor.

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

CRM development is targeted to tackle low lead conversion and sales rates, unsuccessful marketing campaigns, poor customer service and low visibility into the sales process. For many years, Core Techno has been addressing these short-comings using custom CRM software. Through this process, we assist B2B and B2C companies in achieving sales efficiency, satisfactory customer service, and effective marketing. This helps to generate economic benefits and increased profits. We are here to prove that retail CRM software is much more than just a collection of disparate customer profiles.

Our personalised solutions are backed by over 4 years of a detailed understanding of the requirements. This has strengthened our ability to work with reputed retail brands, MNCs, car dealers, FMCGs and digital brands that recognise the growing power of consumers. Our updated perspective on CRM delivery, ecommerce, trade promotion, loyalty, sales analysis and private label management has led us to adopt newer techniques that are now employed by esteemed multinationals. Today, we continue to implement these practices to strengthen the position of many businesses.