The security of your business remains at the forefront of all our services. Universally, companies demonstrate increasing concerns about security with extensive networking and globalisation. Today, we firmly believe that protecting your network security is a fundamental priority.

With an experience of over 3 years in the Internet Security domain, we made our first firewall sale back in 2018. Since then, we have maintained the highest standards of security services for all our clients. Since it has now become mandatory for every company to have a secure firewall in place, we offer various security solutions through our IT services. The new UTMs (Unified Threat Management) systems ensure that your external as well as internal internet activity is monitored, and all unauthorised access is restricted.

At present, we use the following products to assist you with your security needs:

  • Sonic Wall
  • Sophos

Secure Wireless

With the unprecedented use of technology, there is a pressure on businesses to deliver quick, reliable, safe, and economical wireless access to all their consumers. The Wi-Fi is a basic requirement across industries. Our safe wireless services offer high-grade security, reliability, and undisturbed access leading to high productivity. This ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction for your business. With a secure wireless framework, Core Techno assures you of an improved user experience, lower TCO, hassle-free management, and flexibility.


Email Security

Our comprehensive security platforms ensure that you are not part victim to cyber-attacks, over 90% of which begin with an email. With Core Techno, you can keep all your data secure and your users safe.

Stop advanced threats:

All your business services and users will remain protected from spam, malware, spear phishing, ransomware, and any other threats.

Stay productive and compliant:

Our impervious solutions prevent any tampering, which ensures complete compliance with email archiving practices. In case of a mail server disturbance, we assure you of continuous email access and delivery.

Enjoy safety of your data:

With a complete cloud back up and file recovery option, your data is always protected against corruption and accidental deletion. Our encryption services help you to keep any confidential data safe.

Stop spams:

With our inbound filtering options, you can stop all spam and malware and protect the virtual resources of your business.

Always be updated:

As part of our services, you can receive automated incident responses and gain access to threat insights, keeping you aware about the condition of your email.


End Point Security

Our integrated endpoint security protects, identifies, and combats all the threats aimed at your endpoint system. By utilising artificial intelligence, monitoring system behaviour, and machine learning, we offer increased productivity and hence high levels of customer satisfaction. With over 500 desktops under our contract, we enable our clients to anticipate threats before, during, and after elimination of the threat.

To strengthen the overall endpoint security, our services span across traditional and mobile devices, cloud management, and hybrid management. With enterprise wide antivirus services, our company supports the following products:

  • eScan
  • Kaspersky
  • Mcafee
  • Msecure
  • Symantec
  • Trend Micro

Procurement and Licensing

We understand that licensing compliance and procurement can be challenging for businesses. With our expertise, we rid you of the hassle of dealing with outdated products which are a major security threat to your business. Our committed procurement and licensing team assists you based on your special requirements.

By supporting third party software and hardware, our services are wide range and varied. Our specialised consultations ensure that we only offer those plans which are supportive and beneficial to your business.

While we our experts handle the tricky situations, you can focus on your business. With professional, personalised, and comprehensive solutions for you, we make procurement and licensing as easy as it can get.