Social Media Marketing

Since its advent, the internet has transformed into a real-time conversation with millions of people all over the globe.

Talking to your audience, and maintaining dialogue are possibly the foundations of a successful social media marketing strategy. Striking creative and engaging conversations are one of the most effective ways to make the most of consumers’ time on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. At Core Techno, we help you nail that process by generating meaningful dialogues with your consumer base. To give our clients a striking social media presence, we implement strategies that are unique, but in line with your business principles and goals.

Today, any business that does not fully exploit social media platforms, is missing out establishing meaningful relationships with potential clients. Our extensive social media management services span over Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and several other virtual environments. Moreover, our marketing campaigns and promotional advertisements target specific niche audiences, increasing your reach towards your target audience.


Our Methods

  • Social Setup
    • Our experts identify and sign up on those social media platforms which would add value to your brand.


  • Optimization
    • We work in collaboration to optimize and develop platforms for search engines.


  • Posting
    • Our marketing team members generate extensive content to achieve increased exposure and higher engagement rates.


  • Monitoring
    • To gauge responses and maintain quality, we regularly monitor, analyse and review social media activity related to your business.


  • Reporting
    • We consolidate this monitored information into data in the form of easy to understand clusters, which facilitates future campaigns and marketing plans.

E-Mail Marketing

Our staff recognises the role of email marketing to increase website traffic, spread brand positivity, campaign for products, and generate leads. Hence, Core Techno is here to guide you in developing and refining your email marketing program to maximise returns.

How It Works

With collaboration among our content specialists, project managers, and designers, we will develop an engaging and meaningful email marketing service tailor made for your business.

 Through advanced technology and continuous monitoring and evaluation, we will assist you in building a solid email marketing plan to convert, sustain and retain clients.


SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimisation is an essential factor for a business to perform well on search engines such as Google.

Principally, SEO involves incorporating various strategies that increase visitor traffic through the internet medium of search engines. In a cost-effective manner, this allows your business to be noticed and maintains a reputable position on Google, which makes up for about 95% of all online searches globally.

A top-notch website developed by us meets all the criteria that Google assesses to classify a website as a top ranking one. This ensures that your website remains high ranked throughout searches. The algorithm is influenced by over 200 different factors, and our SEO team identifies the critical ones for your field of business. By combining the proven methods with the latest advancements, Core Techno can generate the best results for your business virtually. With regular training and upskilling, our staff meets international industry standards for SEO related work and is always prepared to serve you with the best strategies for your growing business.

Why SEO?

Inspiring people to visit your website and consolidating a virtual attendance from the users drives sales opportunities. However, this is only successful when your business has a commanding virtual presence, and viewers can easily find your website. To achieve this, our experts customise, modify, and refine your website to fulfill the search engine ranking criteria which enriches user experience overall.

With a well-planned SEO strategy, your business remains ahead, and your online presence is strengthened. Valuable, authentic, and high-intent customers will be drawn to your website because of our SEO plans designed especially for your business.

SEO for Small Businesses

For small businesses, SEO services are precious marketing elements which can support and make the business more profitable. Our SEO services support small businesses to assert their online presence and bring an inflow of visitors to their page.

With our diverse and customisable SEO packages, businesses with various budgets are covered. The expertise of our content strategists, digital marketing team and social engagement experts yields the perfect support for small businesses to stand tall amongst any competition in the market.