Cloud Services

Why cloud?

Transitioning to cloud allows your business to reach new heights with access to leading IT services. While you focus on growth and success, we handle the security, reliable functioning, and compliance to give you the best of everything.

Practicing what we preach, we developed our own cloud, giving us greater flexibility, innovation and efficiency to serve you. Core Techno cloud services remain abreast with latest advancements and give you all the resources to strengthen and empower your business.

Our complete cloud solutions fulfil all your current IT needs, and build a ready strategy for your future requirements, equipped to serve the most demanding businesses in diverse industries.

  • Corporate

With data becoming increasingly valuable for companies, we offer to bring all your IT services to the cloud.

  • Enterprise

With your ever growing business, our cloud services are build to grow and expand with your needs.

  • SaaS Providers

With the ability to establish a smooth flowing interactive network, we give you the chance to empower your customers in your unique way.

  • Online Business

Our zero downtime and responsive hosting features ensure that your online business is always ready to give users the best browsing and buying experience.

How to get started?

  • We plan with you

Our cloud specialists listen to your requirements, preferences, and expectations from the service. We also want to understand your current strategies and your long-term goals. Then, we will work with you to develop the best plan for new projects, application consolidation, data migration, and any other services that improve your business.

  • We build

We do not choose pre-existing standard server sizes for your business. Just like your project, our services our unique to you. With the option to choose from a range of CPU, storage, and memory, you can get yourself a tailor made service that excludes any unwanted elements. These cover even multi-layer high bandwidth networking and SAN based storage to enhance performance.

  • We keep it running

As per your preferences, we can manage your cloud for you or you can do it independently. Whichever solution you choose, you have access to our pre-designed templates, OS patching,  backup options, and other services that you can take advantage of.

Office 365 Migration

As migration specialists, we rid you of the risks that come with your transition to Office 365. While our experts will take care of the entire process, we will simultaneously work with you to move your content securely from email environments to a more efficient Office 365 environment.

Our skilled and trained staff is committed to the task of safely migrating your data and delivering a successful outcome to contribute to the growth of your business.


Tackling day to day IT issues

Our IT services will take care of all your major and minor disruptions to allow you to propel your business forward. Our diverse services meet the needs of all businesses, and are designed to specifically assist small and midsized companies.

Our support services comprise of reliable and well rounded options which run according to the Service Level Agreement specifically customised for your budget, needs, and growth elements.


Managed IT Support Services

With our proficiently managed IT support, you are guaranteed to get the support you need, without having to struggle for it. Our services are as effortless as it can get, so that you can use the extra time on your biggest priority- your growing business.

Backed by years of experience, we can support you to devise, maintain, repair, grow, and update all of your IT related business elements so that your systems are always safe, advanced and ready to bring in your business breakthrough for you.

We are the experts in knowing that our support should be exactly tailormade for your needs. Our dedicated team of IT staff put you and your business above all, allowing us to provide consistent and unmatched support to diverse businesses across the world.